Ashleigh Fordham,  in Salem, Windermere

Ashleigh Fordham

LIC. 201006106


Salem - Downtown

Windermere Heritage
960 Liberty Street SE Suite 250

Salem, OR 97302-4171


Windrush Heritage, LLC
17400 SW Upper Boones Ferry Road 290

Portland, OR 97224


Windrush Heritage, LLC
31960 Charbonneau Dr. Suite 105

Wilsonville, OR 97070

Managing Principal Broker I Owner

Ashleigh is an exceptional business owner, accomplished REALTOR®, and an influential figure within the real estate industry. With an illustrious 13-year career under her belt, Ashleigh has consistently demonstrated her professionalism and experience through marketing, negotiating on behalf of her clients, and consistently being a trusted source advisor.  

As the Oregon REALTORS® President for 2024, Ashleigh's leadership and dedication to the industry are evident. Her visionary approach to real estate has earned her the trust and admiration of her peers and clients alike. With Ashleigh at the helm, you can rest assured that you have a true industry expert representing your best interests, regardless of your needs or the market. 

What sets Ashleigh apart is her unparalleled marketing prowess. She possesses an innate ability to identify and showcase the unique features and value of each property, ensuring maximum exposure to potential buyers. From creating captivating listing descriptions to implementing cutting-edge digital marketing strategies, Ashleigh's marketing initiatives consistently yield exceptional results.

Negotiation is Ashleigh's forte. Armed with extensive market knowledge, she navigates even the most complex transactions with finesse and determination. Her meticulous attention to detail and her unwavering commitment to her clients' goals make her an invaluable ally in any real estate deal. With Ashleigh by your side, you can expect nothing less than the best outcome possible.

Clients who have worked with Ashleigh commend her for her professionalism, integrity, and unwavering dedication to their needs. She understands that buying or selling a home is a significant milestone in her clients' lives, and she approaches every transaction with the utmost care and empathy. Ashleigh's ability to build long-lasting relationships is a testament to her exceptional customer service and her commitment to exceeding expectations.

Beyond her real estate accomplishments, Ashleigh is a trailblazer and role model for aspiring businesswomen and fellow entrepreneurs. She continually empowers and inspires others to pursue their goals fearlessly, while uplifting those around her to build a life and a business that leaves a legacy. Her passion for personal and professional growth shines through in every aspect of her life.

When you choose Ashleigh as your trusted real estate advisor, you are not only partnering with an industry expert but also aligning yourself with a remarkable professional businesswoman. With her unparalleled marketing skills, exceptional negotiation prowess, and unwavering dedication, Ashleigh will guide you through every step of your real estate journey, ensuring an experience that exceeds your expectations.